Global Commons Charter

We invite all commoners, our friends, families, collectives, groups, organisations to make a contribution to the writing of the first genuinely global and collective charter, to be, for the emancipation of the commons.

Self-organized open assembly to discuss and launch a world-wide and open process for the wiki writing of a polycentric, multi-layered and peer to peer "Charter of the Forest" for the global commons. The invite is open to all commoners who like to join and collaborate in person and / or via online tools and spaces we use.

Ideally we imagine one discussion round for exchanging ideas on the challenges, and possibilities for such a global collaborative writing project, its design, content and function, and one more round on the tools that can be used to effectively realize and move forward the wiki / peer production of a polycentric, multi-lingual, and multi-dimensional text.

(also see this page in small-client-wiki )

Global Commons Charter, to be written in a peer to peer way and as a commons document, in broader terms, aims to achieve this goal, and free all commons from the capture of 1%, through market rules, under the protection of the states. This is aimed to be the people's voice in the broadest sense; as multilingual as possible and open to as many people's contribution as possible; individually and collectively.

The 'common elements' of life on which the lives of all species, either have come to life before or after humanity, depends can not be owned by any means, by specific individual humans, groups of humans or social classes; nor can they be or regulated or rented out for temporarily to such, to be managed or run for their own benefit, to accumulate proft or social power.

Hence, the commons listed in this charter are respected as essential to life and they can only be governed collectively by the direct democratic participation of those whose lives depend on them. Nobody, or no-one can exclude any other's access, either by direct closure by using force, or by creating 'consent' of those whose lives are 'dependent' on a commons.

1.2 Cognitive properties of living species

Cognitive properties of living species, ideas, imaginations, and dreams of ...

During the winter lecture of Ina Praetorius' text I accidentally made few nodes about how I see a domain of Cognitive Commons. This example could be read as a draft pattern language for humain species. The diagrammatic representation below would have to be copied into an outline and restructured into a linear narrative, while being translated into english.