Laboratories of well-being communities

The places of communitarian renovation are often also found within the Hacklabs and Makerspaces enplaced within the everyday public space.

For Montréal, we know at least about the tiers-lieux which consider themselves hackerspaces.

* [x] Foulab * [ ] échoFab * [x] ECTO * [ ] Helios * [x] Sensorica

Shift-click Foulab, ECTO and Sensorica to open them to the right and add them to the lineup of pages. Then also shift-click All maps together.

Do so alike for other combinations of pages with maps. The ← left and → right arrow keys or clicking pages refocus the lineup view.

Then, we still know about the refreshing effect of green public urban space. Our friends from eco2fest invite to a temporary outdoor intervention at Parc Jarry , which is not too far from Koumbit.


Another network active around promoting free culture is FACIL.

There is also a MediaGoblin workshop about how to use it for the Democratization of Knowlege and Right to Communication